What is Clear Kinect?

Have you ever wondered how you get what you get in life? If things are always bad you may blame circumstances or others. If things are going great you may relate that to luck or hard work. No matter what you receive, it all comes down to one core thing… The thoughts you think about most of the time.

 Everything in this universe, seen or unseen broken down to it’s purest and most basic form, consist of energy or light which exists as a vibrational frequency or pattern – This is the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, but to understand how Law of Attraction works you must understand the Law of Vibration. Just like invisible radio, TV, and cell phone frequencies, your thoughts also carry and send out their own vibrational frequency. What ever you are thinking about is the vibration that you are sending out consciously or unconsciously. It is these frequencies that will attract back to you similar frequencies, which show up as circumstances in your life. Your emotions and feelings are what give power to the vibration that you send out.

At Clear Kinect we work on the subconscious, mental, emotional and spiritual level to help shift your energy to align your thoughts and emotions to the correct vibrational frequency to what you desire. Aligning to the correct vibration will create spiritual harmony and you will begin attracting what you want.

“Thoughts are Causes and Conditions are Effects”

– Charles Haanel











After going through the Clear Kinect process with Dr. Aaron and Veronica, the results were evident. Together we uncovered a pattern that was holding back my business: I hit a rut and was afraid to sell to the clients that I really wanted to. As a result, I hadn’t made a sale in four months. I just kept getting, “No!” and a part of me was really struggling. The day after the session I felt a tremendous clarity of mind and release in my energy. I wrote two proposals that were both enthusiastically accepted. Those contracts led to referrals to new clients. The Clear Kinect process is powerful, impactful and necessary for those who want to continually perform at the top of their game.

Tony Bodoh

President & CEO, Tony Bodoh International, LLC